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The Great Get Together -Celebrating The Life of Jo Cox

June 20, 2017



This weekend Thousands have gathered all over the UK for the Great Get Together events celebrating the life of murdered MP Jo Cox.



In Norfolk people came together in parks for fun days, set up stalls for parties, shared a barbecue, a picnic or a bake off in their street or stayed inside for tea parties in libraries and community centers.


Jo’s family and widowed husband Brendan Cox wanted to hold a positive event to highlight her life, around the theme we have More in Common then what divides us.


The great Get Together is about celebrating Jo’s life and the values she stood for, and encourages unity and greater sense of community and friendship.


Jo Cox was an Labour MP who was shot and stabbed to death in her Batley and Spen constituency, in Yorkshire, on June 16 last year.


Instead of dwelling on the murder and seeking to blame and hold resentment Brandon called for us to unit and to focus on the things that bind us together.


Brendan Cox said his wife “would have loved” The Great Get Together, but that the celebration was “tapping into something more important”.

“Politics at the moment is so divisive,” he said. “We spend so much time talking about the areas we disagree with each other on, finding a moment like this when we get together with neighbors and have a good time in parks and streets up and down the country, is exactly what we need. If people feel closer to their communities, that’s exactly how Jo would want to be remembered.”


"Jo was interested in everybody, driven not by her ego but her desire to help.”

Inspired by Jo and her theme ‘we have more in common’ I organised a Great Get Together event at our local community space, Broadland Housing Assosiation kindly agreed to us using their land and even the gas company stopped their digging work in order for the event to go ahead. 


It felt great to come together under such an important theme. We met Neibours we didn't know we had and friendships were formed.






With much divisiveness in the world today it is more important then ever that we have strong sense of community.  When we get to know one and other we really do see we how much we are alike and how much we really do have in common have.






The event held in St Benedicts Street saw over 60 people come together to enjoy the sunshine, the food, the music and most importantly the company.

Robbie Boyd sang about love and togetherness whilst a real sense of community was formed, with talks of summer barbecue a residents committee starting up.


With 120,000 events taking place across the country The Great Get Together shows people’s appetite for something uniting and purposeful.


After a decidedly tuberlant 12 months we are reminded of the importance of community, relationships, friendships and the love and care needed to hold each other in.

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